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Monday, May 14, 2007

So When Tara Met Blog had it's own live ad in this past Saturday's Revlon Run/Walk for breast cancer in downtown L.A. My office intern Michael Hersh, who completed the 5k in 20 minutes, so awesomely and daringly had his girlfriend write my blog address on his back with a black Sharpy. Now that's off-the-track PR, literally. I had dared him to do it the other day, but still can't believe that he actually did it though. How cool is that? Now that's what I call an intern ;) although I'm obviously a very mean mentor, lol. 

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He only has shots from the parking lot before he pinned his number to his shorts, since he didn't take his cell phone along on the race. He said he still has remains of the sign on his skin :( poor guy.  Although he might have qualified to make their leaderboard of fast finishing times. They haven't posted them yet. 

I had been paricipating in the same run/walk in Times Square for the last three years, first with my book club of 20+ friends, then in the rain with my local girlfriends and finally with my office. This weekend though, my mom was in town for her birthday and mother's day and we headed to Santa Barbara wine country, which was beautiful. It's where they filmed the movie Sideways. I donated to several of my friends who were paricipating though and at least with Hersh's sign I was there in some regards. 

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