Wednesday, April 25, 2007


To me “clarity” is not a happy word.  To me it means that something has been lost and now your views have been changed due to a final moment of clarity. The whole, one door closes another window opens theory comes to mind. Yes, clarity is a good thing, I just hate that it usually comes after great heartbreak, after something shocking happens that can’t be undone, something that has changed everything and as a result has caused you to see things in a whole new light than you did before “the something” happened.

Usually my clarity comes after the end of a friendship or relationship, sort of like hindsight. It’s not until after the breakup or termination of feelings that I start seeing things clearer and not la vie en rose-- through rose colored glasses.

Speaking of real tragedies though, in the case of the terrible Virgina Tech shootings I've been continually impressed with the parents of the victims and how some even have the clarity at a time like this to already think of the future and about protecting other students by recommending organizations like, a non-profit organization whose mission is safer campuses for students. It seems at least one good thing will hopefully come of this horrible event, that future students will be protected and colleges and universities will be more aware of situations like this. 

Seeing all the coverage, it became clear to my friend Elizabeth at FuturisticFamily and I that we should team up to help bring light and hopefully $$ to Security on Campus. For the next week, twenty five percent of the net profits from will be donated to Security On Campus.

Here are some products and gifts on the site that I found especially cool that you can buy this week and help the worthy charity.

USB Powered Beverage Cooler

Product PhotoKeep your drink cold while you work. This compact Beverage Chiller is powered by your computer's USB port, which chills the cold plate to 45° F. You'll be able to enjoy a cold soda or water without ice while you work, chat, or study. This can be found/bought in the site's Executives section for $24.99. 

A New Safer Candle

Product PhotoIf you love candles but hate the risk of fire or cleaning up wax or just hate the expense of candles, then you'll love the Flicker Candle. It's battery operated and looks just like a real candle. It even flickers like a real candle. A friend had these at a wedding recently and everyone was picking them up to see if they were real. I've also seen bars with them to prevent buzzed visitors from disrupting them. This one sells for $16.95 and can be found in the Moms section as well as the next item. 

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Product PhotoWhy take chances? I just bought some pepper spray because where I live there are a lot of scary bums and because of the incident I had on Halloween, but the one I got is bulky despite being a keychain spray (It's huge!) and it cost more. This powerful pepper formula, meanwhile, is contained inside a common looking lipstick that houses a powerful self protection pepper delivery system. The Lipstick Pepper Spray is a convenient and subtle way to carry the protection you need. It contains 5 one second bursts and sprays up to 6 feet. Perfect to arm college girls or any city women. Oh and it comes in four colors and costs $15.95 each.

We are now down to only nine Blog-off contestants including myself--it's definitely starting to affect my clarity ;) which if you haven't guessed was this week's word prompt. 

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