A Monday confession

Monday, April 23, 2007

Yes, I used to do these on Thursday's back in the day, but same thing. So my not so secret is that I'm a big fan of Sizzler. I know, it's ghetto, it's unhealthy, but whatever. It's cheap and it's comfort food and I crave it. I just get their unlimited salad bar, which also has a soup bar and I love their soups, salad and chicken wings that are available at all you can eat. Throw in their cheesy bread that they serve you and I am in heaven. Oh and they also have an array of fruits and an ice cream bar too. 

My coworkers make fun of me for liking Sizzler and I'm often trying to get them to go with me on Friday's, but they act too cool for school. Yet, one coworker helped himself to two taco salad bowls once, so it couldn't be that bad after all.

It's not a good sign though that the last time I went the manager came up to me and said, nice to see you again. Another woman gathering salad and soup then turned to me to ask where the spoons were. Hmm yeah maybe I've spent too many Friday lunches eating there.  

There's one near our new place! Yay!

Also, take a look at what my friend and author Farrah Rochon sent me. It's a thank you gift for doing PR for her book, Deliver Me, which got 4 stars in her Romantic Times review! The cookie bouquet from Cookies By Design features coffee cup shapes that look like they are from Central Perk.  

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