Come to the dark side

Friday, April 27, 2007

I like a dark room, to the point where I'll wear a sleep mask to bed.

I only eat the dark meat on a chicken

and I LOVE dark chocolate!

My journey to the dark side started with the Milky Way Midnight oh so many years ago, and then the Hershey Dark, but now those just taste waxy to me. They just aren't dark enough, even the extra dark by Hershey is a joke.

My favorite dark chocolate bar is Green & Black's Organic bittersweet dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content. I have a bar in my desk at work and nibble on it each day for an energy perk. It's so rich in flavor that I can almost taste some sort of fruit mixed in. It's the most intense and flavorful dark chocolate that I've had yet and I've sampled my share. It's made in Italy--like my dad ;) and is a fair trade product. You can find their bars in the organic candy aisle at supermarkets or at upscale food stores like Balduccis. They also have flavored dark chocolate bars too, with hints of mint or orange. I love the original though.

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