Mommy at the bat

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yesterday evening was my last softball game for the season, I know if I was back East I wouldn't even be playing until the spring "season." I play on a co-ed team after work on Tuesdays, which I joined at the end of October after moving here. The problem is we are sometimes short female players and when we only have four girls, we are given an automatic out as a result, which stops any of our momentum gained in the inning really.

So yesterday we only had three girls, which means we would have had to forfeit our last game.

Never fear, my mom came to the rescue. Yes, my 51-year-old, but you would never know it, mom, wearing flip flops filled in for us as catcher. Catcher in this league mean you just have to cover home and return the pitch to the pitcher, you don't have to crouch down or wear protective gear. So, she borrowed socks, tennis shoes and an extra glove from the other girls on our team and filled in like a trooper.

The catch though, no pun intended, was that my mom had never played softball before. So when I wasn't in the field or up at bat, I'd be showing her how to swing, the umpire also kept explaining that in our legue if the ball hits the base it's a strike and two strikes you were out and not three etc. The best is when I was out in Right Field I'd see her behind the plate rolling back the softball to our pitcher like she was bowling. It was great. Everyone was really supportive that she was helping us out, even the other team. 

We lost the game, but I got a double, one RBI and my mom hit the ball at her last at bat. She just stayed at home plate too long admiring her hit and watching where it went and if it was going fall, so by the time she ran to first base she was out. hehe oh well. It was so cool having her play with us though. 

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