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Monday, January 8, 2007

Last month I talked about Skin Milk, the month before that it was lip plumpers and before that it was self tanning lotions. Now, it's a hodge podge of goodies and my take on their usefulness.

Sea Breeze Naturals Oil Removing Astringent & hydrating moisturizer ($5.99)

The last time I had applied astringent was back in highschool with the very alcohol smelling Clean & Clear or Noxema kind that caused my face to be redder than any pimple that I was trying to get rid of. Sea Breeze's astringent, however, changed my mind about trying out astringent again. Their product rids the face of any oily shine and helps remove blackheads, but without stinging or burning the skin like other astringents do. Instead, it's pretty calming. Also, the
Sea Breeze moisturizer, which although looks like it's for the entire body due to it's large 6 oz size is really meant for your neck and face. I find that it's quicker and smoother to apply than my more expensive Clinique moisturizer and doesn't leave me feeling like I have a heavy or sticky coating on either. It also smells really good and has a refreshing but sea-like smell that I'm liking. 

Alterna Life Volumizing Shampoo ($17) 


Besides the bottle looking like a cool bamboo stick, with the Chinese characters of LIFE spelt on it, it also smells fruity and exotic (a blend of floral extracts derived from water lily, lotus blossoms and Chinese white peony) and helps lift my ever since-I-moved-out-West-and-lost-humidity limp hair. Alterna's Life shampoo gently cleanses hair and claims to strengthen and expand the diameter of the hair shaft for extra fullness, body, renewal and bounce with the use of essential oils such as Ho-Shu-Wu, ginseng and ginger. True, I change shampoos more often than a whore changes partners, but I'm digging this new found shampoo along with Tigi Catwalk's Fashionista color protecting conditioner, which smells like candy

 tarte fRxtion ($11)

Yes, I've written about tarte before, but I love their stuff. They are always leading the charge on new trends like lip plumpers, cheek stains, etc. The packaging is cute too and their still under the radar and available at Sephora, so yes, I'll probably be writing about them again.  Anyway, back to the product, another problem the change in weather is causing for me, is that my lips dry out so easily, sometimes causing my lips to peel. To help rid any peeling flakes and to smoothen my lips regularly, I'm using tarte's fRxtion, a light sugar exfoliator & lip balm duo, one side has an exfoliator and the other side has Vitamin E. The coolest part though is that when you remove the lipstick from it's case, a mirror automatically pops up with it. It's the cutest thing. My coworkers, even a male one, was playing with it when I got it. I wish regular lipsticks came with this neat invention.  

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