Bowling for bragging rights

Thursday, January 11, 2007

One of the things we did while my mom was in town was go bowling at this alley in Santa Monica. However, all of us--Raphael, my mom and I--are very competitive in nature so I knew it would mean for some good times. There was definitely a lot of smack talk and joking. My mom meanwhile only bowls once every two years, but still manages to beat me and anyone playing with us, men too. Raphael is also used to being the top player. I can accept that I'm not great at bowling,yet I still want to win of course, but I settled for coming in second in one game. 

My mom won each game though, beating the both of us.

Our third and final game was everyone's highest scoring round of the night.  I got a 124, which included three strikes and two spares, not too shabby if you ask moi. Here I am after leaving one pin still standing. The picture of me on my knees leaning back as my 8-pound-ball rolled down the alley came out blurry, hehe.

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Raphael scored a 156 and was quite cocky about it ;)

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My mom bowled a 165 and was officially the Bowling Queen. Look, here you can tell that she knows it too.

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When entering our names into the computer we all used inside joke names. My mom was Chavez, I was Exotica and Raphael was Pokey.  It was funny to see the screen flash our pseudonyms whenever we would get a strike. Good times, good time

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