Things I love about my apartment

Besides its great location in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan....

1. My stools from my dad's restaurant and the fire place that doesn't work--it looks nice though.

2. The bright gold fish shower curtain. It was one of my very first purchases three summers ago when I moved in. I had always wanted a gold fish shower curtain, don't ask me why but I spotted it at Details in the Village and saved up for it. Yes, I was that broke that I had to save up for a shower curtain.

3. The rolling ladder I go up and down every morning and night in order to sleep in my bed above the kitchen IE The Bitchen. Yeah I actually don't mind it, despite it's disadvantages like middle of the night bathroom trips but it's fun pulling it out each night and turning the light off with my foot as I climb up to bed.

4. Space saver items like the my Pier 1 wine goblets hanging from the ceiling. I bought the rack at IKEA but my stepdad installed it as well as those cool red track lights.

5. In that vain, check out the hanging pots wall in the kitchen below my bed. The metal net was already in the apartment otherwise I wouldn't have thought of it and it's saved me lots of cupboard space.

6. My cute red microwave that matches my red stools, pots and couch. Also check out my cereal dispenser filled with Lucky Charms and my tiny fridge and freezer. Oh yeah and my stash of booze.

7. My veranda/terrace IE the fire escape. The window opens high enough for me to easily step out onto the metal escape to check out the moon or to put down a towel and sunbathe on (I face the back and not the street). And currently a dove is nesting on it.

For another view of my view click on my really old X-Mas post or you can check out photos from other bloggers' casas at:

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