Tara got run over by a bike messenger

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Walking on my way to work this morning (shoot I couldn't keep the reindeer song going). Anyway, the bike's metal peddle scratched my calf and it’s now swollen and the skin is cut. How'd it happen?

I was just minding my business, eagerly waiting for the walk sign to show and listening to Starship's We Built This City on my iPod when a bike messenger dude plowed into me and scraped against my leg. The driver, if you can call him that, had to steady me from falling forward and hurting myself worse. I was wearing a skirt so it wouldn't have good. The guy was apologetic though and looked pretty fearful of my murderous gaze and yelp of pain, I think he just misjudged his stopping distance. I then felt bad for him and said "it's OK, don't worry about it" and hobbled to the subway trying to dab at my cut without looking like a flamingo with one leg bent behind me. 

I knew this would happen eventually though. Actually living here for three summers and not being taken out by one of the mad bikers on the road would have been unlikely and impressive.  

What I hate about Manhattan bicyclists who use the roads and not the bike paths, is that they think they can be both pedestrian and driver, thus following both sets of rules. Some figure they have the right away but still can go barreling and weaving on the streets. Like when the indicator shows the walk sign and all the cars dutifully stop, but then there will be this lone biker who keeps zooming on through making walkers jump back for safety or do the 'which way do I go' dance in the middle of the street.  

I give them credit though, there's no way in hell I'd be able to ride my bike on the streets of New York, not with all the cabbies, tourists and pot holes before them. Even when I go roller blading I'll slowly blade (is that a verb? I'm making it one if skate is) the two blocks to the Hudson River Path via the sidewalk rather than the street and just crossing the West Side Highway on wheels is freaky.  

In Memorium: Actor Bruno Kirby, who played Billy Crystal's funny sidekick in When Harry Met Sally (my fav film and which my blog title is named after) died yesterday at the age of 57 from leukemia.  Kirby was also in the film The Godfather: Part II, in the role of a young Clemenza and also in the first City Slickers movie. Ciao Bruno :(

Link: In happier news, I just got picked as 'Blogger of the Week' at About.com's Internet For Beginners

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