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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm back and am now beat from the trip to beantown. It's weird traveling with work, never mind with your whole office. Looking around the plane and seeing 15 people that you know is eerie enough. Just take a look at the difference in our luggage. Can you spot mine? I guess the question should be how can you NOT spot mine. But that's the point of it--hard to miss it coming off the belt. It's also from American Tourist, so some pretty sturdy stuff for a bright magenta bag. 


The annual offsite is a chance for employees from the different offices to get together, brainstorm, team build and participate in workshops for professional and corporate development. Plus, have some fun as a group. For one event the company hosted an interesting Lunch & Panel--Media in a Post-Media World with Bruce Richardson of AMR Research; Sam Whitmore, Media Survey; Dave Berlind, ZDNet; Martin LaMonica, CNET; and Bill Hewitt CEO of Kalido.

Sam Whitmore compared the change in traditional media newspapers to online news with the music industries transition and evolution from records to cassettes to CDs and MP3s, which I thought was a neat parallel. On his site he is currently discussing why tech PR attracts so many women (like me), he also reminded me of Sam Waterson from Law & Order.

Meanwhile, Martin LaMonica, a reporter at CNET who a colleague and I both thought looked remarkably like a cross between Keanu Reeves and a young Bob Saget, brought up a good point too, one that as a blogger I hadn't really thought about. He briefly said that news aggregators and RSS readers, which filter in text from blogs to their own application are preventing traffic to the actual blogs. Instead of going to the actual post, interested parties can read a blogger's post externally and away from the originating blog. This then effects a blog's visiting statistics and possible ad revenue even, plus it dilutes the full experience of that blog. There are RSS aggregators like those on Google homepage that alert readers of new blog posts but directly link to the site's entire environment though, which is what I use to track the blogs that I read.

You can read more about the panel and see a photo at Kyle's blog Engage in PR.

PS: Coincidence that the Yankees spanked the Red Sox in three straight games while I was on their turf? I think not! Also, if you are in Boston be sure and check out the bar & lounge, Sanctuary.

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