Burgers & Cupcakes

Monday, August 21, 2006

A couple of months ago while in a taxi leaving Hell’s Kitchen area, I saw an eatery called, Burgers & Cupcakes on 458 Ninth Ave (between 35th and 36th). My head practically did an exorcist turn to keep the establishment with its cute orange, brown and pink sign in my sight as the cab drove past it. I kept meaning to try it, because after all, I like burgers and I like cupcakes—can’t go wrong.

I finally went last week after work. Inside, the cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, and carrot cake) are on display in a window in front of the kitchens and dinette chairs and tables fill the small restaurant. Since I had a big lunch and wanting to save room for the cupcakes I wimped out and ordered a mushroom burger, which was very tasty and juicy though and the fries were just how I like them, nice and crispy like frites. The menu is pretty simple listing different kinds of burgers (Veggie, Turkey, Salmon, Lemon Grilled Chicken, and Portobella Mushroom) and breakfast options. The prices are reasonable too. Our waiter, a self-proclaimed George Michael’s fan club member, was super nice and made our meal even more enjoyable with suggestions and conversation.

The cupcakes however, were just OK to me. They are on the small side and the frosting is shaped like cone heads on top of it. I guess because we went later the icing was crunchy and not fresh. The cake part was nice and moist though but the frosting was way too sugary that it sort of upset my stomach even. My friend liked hers though, but agreed that the frosting wasn't fresh.

Here are two photos from the meal:

Speaking of burgers, I finally went to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park for a super yummy cheeseburger a few weeks back. There burgers have been voted the best in the city and are only available in the summer season. However, The Amateur Gourmet reports that Shake Shack has failed its health inspection, with a score of 140, "putting it in the company of many of the uncleanest venues in town." No wonder why they tasted too good to be true :(

PS: Will be in Boston for the next few days for my office's annual off-site.

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