The new self-tanners

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So I'm a tanner, not the over doing it type but I love lying out in the sun and soaking up those vitamin D rays. Yes, I know there are health risks to tanning. Don't worry though, I don't over do it and luckily because of my Italian skin I hardly ever burn (unlike my mother) and if I do it's usually on my face. Typically I only use an SPF 6 lotion, the idea of which has caused my friends to balk and say that I might as well put oil on and nothing at all. But 6 does the job for me, although I've recently moved up to an 8 to get my friends off my back a bit--it didn't help.

Anyway, I've never had to use those orange colored self tanners that my mom has tried over the years, but I've been loving the new glow lotions that are out on the market now. It seems that every brand has come out with their own version, which allow for a subtle tanning look just by moisturizing with natural botanicals and a skin darkening complex that provides a tan without the downside. After all, why not get a little extra oomph out of your everyday moisturizer? I've now tried them all thanks to having had received bottles over the last few months in gift bags at events and for product reviews. Otherwise I don't think I would have originally bought them and would have been missing out. Here's my take on each--using the ones made for medium skin tones:  

Dove Energy Glow ($7.99)- This one smells the best with its citrus grapefruit scent. I found this lotion less likely to streak compared to the others, but it doesn't work as quickly as Jergens or is as pronounced in its glow. On an aesthetic note: I like the look of the Dove bottle the best. In another opinion: My friend Karen who has lighter skin has been liking the sample we received in the gift bag at Sheckys.

Jergens Natural Glow ($5.00)- Provides a really nice natural glow that works quickly, but has a weird odor. Although it's not unpleasant it's just  something you wouldn't usually have on your skin or find in lotion fragrances. I feel this one works the fastest though and produces the quickest result, you just have to deal with the not so sweet scent. In another opinion: This one is my mother's favorite for all body use, but my friend Heather from Toronto said she found this one to be sticky and took awhile to dry.

Olay Touch Of Sun ($11.99)- Olay makes a similar sunless tanner just for the face but with another added benefit, it's a moisturizer like the others with just a hint of self-tanners AND also includes SPF. Thus, this brand provides a subtle tan, while also protecting your skin for when you want to sun bathe or are out and about. Since I'm bad about putting on SPF, especially on my face, this one is ideal. The self tanning aspect is subtle though, which I suppose is better for your face's coloring. Jergens also makes a similar face tanner but without the added SPF.

Application Tip: After applying remember to wash the underside of your hands to prevent a yellow stain there. Also, don't forget to apply to the tops of your feet and hands for an even look.

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