Friday's Fragments

Friday, August 25, 2006

Because none of these are developed enough to become a post on their own.

·         Shouldn’t my horoscope be the same in every paper? I mean think about it. But no, one has me being careful of a friend’s advice the other says I should entertain tonight. 

·          I’m liking the song that plays in the back-to-school JC Penny commercials. It goes “She was born in an electrical storm...come on, come on.” I start moving to it whenever it plays. I googled it and the song is called “Do What You Want,” by OK go from their album Oh No

·          So I didn’t take my own advice from my Downward Facing Thong post. Nope, I forgot to bring a change in undies to the gym yesterday, so this time I took the advice from my commenters and went commando. I have to tell you it was pretty thrilling. Although, I only giggled harder when the instructor but his hands on my thighs. I bet he thinks I have a crush on him or something 

·         After the gym, I headed to NYU J-School--my graduate alma mater (it was weird being in the building again, especially empty handed, I felt like I forgot my assignment or something)--for another Bloggers Who Brunch meeting. This time, instead of brunch, we had a round-table discussion about the care and feeding of advertisers & advertising when it comes to blogs. New bloggers that I met included: Just Jared and eye4style.

·         Lastly, Dennis Quaid is hot. That’s it. I briefly caught a glimpse of his smile this morning in the remake of The Parent Trap as I was getting ready for work and I practically melted on the spot.  

·       Check out biggerBaubles. Back in January I ordered a red heart bauble that read "onto the next." It's fun.

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