Ring around the eye

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Luckily I do not suffer from chronic bags under my eyes, but when I don't get enough sleep I can get rings or dark shadows under my eyes. My friend Karen says it's because I don't eat vegetables though, which I'm sure plays a part in it too. I've bought an eye brightening cream from Clean & Clear, which I use in the mornings after a hard night out or a restless sleep. It's a light skin color and has a bit of shine to it. Avon makes a similar under eye brightener product called Lighten Up Plus Undereye Treatment, which claims that in 2 weeks customers saw a 34% improvement in dark under-eye circles. It's on sale for $6.99, so I ordered one and have been altering between the two.

Apparently the day after having too many Cosmos, or whatever your drink of choice is, you should dab hydrocortisone cream under your puffy eyes to keep people from knowing about yesterday's adventures. I just read that tid bit, now I have to figure out what hydrocortisone cream is. Eww I just googled it and it's ass cream for anal itch. OK forget that, I'll stick to another solution, although I can't see shelling out $95 for Hylexin, which I've been seeing ads for, especially since reviews say it dries out your skin.

Tarte has a more cosmetic approach to dealing with tired eyes. Their dual brightening wand, Rest Assured ($22) has two functions to help you look as rested as a baby. First you apply their nude pink liner found on one side of the wand to the inner rim of your lower eyelid, which helps your eyes pop more and removes the red rim. Then, you add their pink highlighter found on the other side of the wand to your cheekbone, browbone and the inner corner of your eye for a glowing look that hides dark circles. Thus, it has the glow cream element of the others, but also has the cover-up eye liner for that extra mile. My friend Jacquie and I tried it this weekend and both thought it did a good job, especially since it looked appropriate for during the day wear because it didn't make us look overly made up but natural.

According to the book, Why Do Men Have Nipples: "Lack of proper restful sleep seems to cause dark rings for reasons not properly understood. The skin arond the eye is the thinnest found anywhere on the body, and this thin skin allows dark, venous blood to show through. Dark rings around the eyes are a common problem. They appear to be genetic and can get worse as you age and your skin gets thinner. Adequate rest, good nuitrition, and overall good health tend to make the circles less noticeable."

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