Don't Sweat It

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

So it's freakin hot here. A heat wave in fact and they say today might climb to 106 making it the hottest day in New York City since 1939 (or was it 1936, either way you get the point--it's hot).

It's not the heat that's the problem but the repercussions of the heat, power outages, heat stroke etc. Also, everyone you pass on the street is just plain miserable; I didn't see one smile today not even on the little kids whose arms were practically being pulled out of the socket by their parents in order to escape the rising temps. No one wants to be outside in this humid oven (I know Oxymoron) but that's what it feels like and there’s no breeze.

The smells are the worst part of it for me though. Everyone is sweaty and the men that normally smell of BO is now heightened and tenfold. Sucks for me that I just happen to be at arm pit level too. Then there's the piss, both animal and human, that's on random corners of the streets and poles in the city and  near the subway entrances, which is now just baking in the heat and smelling even worse. Sorry did I loose you at the piss? I'll move on to other matters.
Last night, while in a cab (escaping the subway heat) heading to the Lower East Side for a comedy show at Mo Pitkins, the cab driver "Ramin" lifts his head up and asks me in a booming voice "You gonna party all night long?" These are the times I wish I did podcasting because I'm so nailing the accent right now and his dragging out each word to make his possibility sound very creepy. I was like, um, not really, just meeting a friend/former coworker and seeing a comedy show. It was like I had let this stranger down, he practically slumped back into his seat and lost interest.

The show Chicks and Giggles (cute name, no?) is a FREE weekly showcase of female comics in New York.  The show maintains an improvisational feel, characters and plenty of socializing at the bar. Its co produced by a fellow Blogger Who Brunches, Nichelle, who writes, Cupcakes Take the Cake.  The brick walled, leather booth lounge is very intimate and lively plus the drinks and food were good too. I had a baybreeze and fried mac and cheese. The talent that night included: Susan Prekel (Live at Gotham), Lang Fisher (Drink at Work Presents), Margot Leitman (UCB), Michelle Collins (VH1), Ophira Eisenberg (Premium Blend), Jiwon Li (Check Your Cool). They were all pretty funny, some more so, but I especially liked Michelle, Susan and Jiwon. Each one though also brought up the hot weather as a topic, how could they not? The crowd meanwhile was mostly 20 to 30 something’s, mostly women, who continued to come in just after the show started.  Good stuff, I'd definitely go again.

News: City Remains Under Heat Emergency With Triple-Digit Temps On The Way

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