NY Times Got Nothing On Me

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

So back on March 14th I wrote about City Mitts thinking it was an interesting product especially for New York commuters. My post then got picked up by Delight.com, which was awesome. Months later the New York Times finally got wind of City Mitts and decided to write an article about it, "Reach Out and Touch That Subway Pole." A little late NYT, you got scooped by When Tara Met Blog, booyah!

Emily Beck, the founder of City Mitts, who I had interviewed for my post just emailed me writing: "Just wanted to say thanks for being the first to write about City Mitts! The NY Times just covered it two Sunday's ago, and sales are going nuts. But you kickstarted it, wanted to give you some recognition."

How sweet was that? I worked for three summers at a daily newspaper, writing one to three articles a day and only recieved two thank you notes during that time. So, if you ever get covered by a reporter they like getting a thank you note or a comment, good or bad, about their article. I try keeping that in mind now in my PR job when journalists cover my clients, it only helps the relationship building too.

The Washington Post also recently wrote about my cousin's Take Pride shirts that I blogged about too. The article is, "Group Designs Clothing To Show Support for Troops ." Coincidence? I think not! lol, so just kidding.

Link: Kittlers. Have you seen this site? It features a bunch of cats that look like Hitler due to unfortunate spots. This one is the best of the bunch:

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