Desperately seeking a connection

Monday, August 7, 2006

Desperately seeking a connection

To the internet that is. Yesterday, I returned home to my apartment after a nice weekend up in Connecticut to find that my modem was acting helter skelter and flashing its lights at me. I tried restarting it, unplugging it, moving it, dropping it (by accident on my toe) etc., but to no avail. I finally had to call my provider, Time Warner Cable. After going through many many voice prompts I reached a person just as my cell phone decided to die. Cute.

I called back and the man said my modem apparently has a history of restarting and that it could be my line. The earliest they can send a technician though is Thursday and the window time frame is from 2-6. Could they be any vaguer? It's not like I can work from home while I wait for them, since I can't without the Internet. Otherwise they do not do after work visits and weekend appointments are booked until September! Whatcha going to do? All I know is that a computer without internet is like Superman without any powers (been doing a Lois and Clark marathon lately). I couldn't think of doing anything that wasn't Web related on it. Grr!

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