Hung Up

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I can't keep on waiting for you
I know that you're still hesitating
Don't cry for me
'cause I'll find my way
you'll wake up one day
but it'll be too late!!

Every little thing that you say or do
I'm hung up
I'm hung up on you
Waiting for your call
Baby night and day
I'm fed up
I'm tired of waiting on you

Last night I saw Madonna live in concert at Madison Square Garden. It was her last night in New York and my first time seeing her perform. I had a great time, the crowd was electric and she was very entertaining. However, she only sang two of her older songs: "Like a Virgin" and "Lucky Star." No Holiday, no Cherish, Vogue or my favorite Crazy For You. Instead she stuck to her new album Confessions on the Dance Floor. Despite the fact that she didn't go back to her roots much, I enjoyed hearing her new songs from that album and her relatively recent dance hits like "Ray of Light" and "Music." She also sang "San Pedro" too. Overall it was very disco and I like that, so I was happy.

She entered the stage inside a huge disco ball and to the roaring of the crowd, which was pretty awesome. Themes that she had going on during the concert were an S&M Equestrian look to the wardrobe and dancing during the first few songs, to a rocker look and feel for a while, then turning totally disco in white suits, colored lights and dancers on roller skates.  

The dancers actually impressed me more than her actually since they were really rocking out there and going into very break-dancy-like moves. She on the other hand performed for only two hours and took lots of breaks and didn't even do an encore, which was unheard of to me. She looked great though, very ripped and still pretty. Her dance moves were also pretty impressive.

There were moments where I rolled my eyes like when she was hanging on a disco ball cross and wearing a crown of thorns while the screens gave statistics on the status of Aids in Africa. I liked the sentiment but I hope she realizes she isn't the real Madonna or U2 either, right?

Overall I was more impressed when I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert who although older could hold notes longer, didn't take a break, did an encore and sang both new and old songs while also sharing anecdotes and jokes along the way, oh and she also played her own instruments for some of the songs too. So pay half the ticket price and see a real 80s pop star.

New York Magazine: Was It Like a Prayer . . . Come True?

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