Dos Caminos

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's that time again in New York City, Restaurant Week, where 3 course meals are $35 at the top eateries in the city. However, add in tax, tip and a drink my bill last night came to $58 when my friend Karen and I went to Dos Caminos SoHo

Inside has a good atmosphere and I had a great Pinot Noir (Echelon; CA) with my duck entre. I handed my glass over to Karen to try saying it was spicy and was like a banquet in your mouth. She took a sip, made a face as if she just took a shot of tequila and replied with a gasp "Banquet? There’s like a 300 piece band in there, I think I tasted a trombone." lol, well I like it dry and with substance and she's not much of a drinker. 

The ensalada I had as an appetizer was a bit too spicy and their most raved about item, their guacamole, wasn't on the pre fix meal, so we ordered off that menu to try it. They supposedly mix it at the table for you in these stone holders and you have the option of mild, medium and spicy. We went with mild and it was super yummy, but it came to our table already mashed-to-order. I'm not even a huge guacamole fan but it was very creamy and yum with tomatoes mixed in that it had me scraping my chips along the edges for more. Take a look:









Other than that, the food wasn't terribly Mexican despite the restaurant’s name but more traditional tasting with a latin/american fusion menu.

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