Downward facing thong

Monday, July 17, 2006

Have you ever done yoga in a thong? Well, I don't reccomend it.

As I scrambled to work today I thought I had everything in order with my bag of shirts to be dropped off at the dry cleaners (check) and my gym bag on the other shoulder. In it, I had remembered to pack my sports bra (check), stretchy yoga pants (check), sneakers (check), socks (check). But I forgot to bring extra underwear. Instead I had to wear what I was wearing that day, a thong. Wearing one in general is far from being completely comfortable but when bending, doing warrior position and walking up walls, it's especially unpleasant. It did keep my mind off the clock I'll tell you that much and continually had me laughing under my breath. Especially when the male instructor came by and put his hands on my waist and made me extend further in a particularly difficult Shiva position, causing my panties to lodge further.

Jac (that's the instructors name) always targets me like that tho and makes me go further into positions than I want to, despite his claim to the class that we can stop when ever we feel uncomfortable. Yet, he always makes me do the hard hand stands but lets the others use the wall or blocks. He's a French bully frankly. Yes, I know he's only doing his job, but tonight he seemed particularly gunning for me since I hadn't attended his class in a long time now that I basically do cardio workouts at the gym instead and he kept calling me Cara.

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