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Friday, July 21, 2006

Yesterday afternoon, with my office's approval, I headed to the Lower East Side's The Counter for the launch event of  Bloggers Who Brunch, a new organization created to celebrate and elevate the best female lifestyle and fashion bloggers.  About 15 female bloggers were in attendance and two blogging dudes too. The new group is the brain child of Pamela Pekerman of and Lesley Scott of FashionTribes and sponsored by GLAM Media, Bacardi and Bust Magazine.

So what did we do? Networked, exchanged cute blogging cards and heard the wisdom of Constance White the Ebay Style Director; Samir Arora, GLAM Media CEO and Meghan Cleary of As well as listened to the energetic speeches of Kathryn Finney, (she has a book out) and Najwa Moses, founder of (her video podcasts are funny, she recently interviewed Jerry Springer and Beyonce's dog) on how they created their sites and established themselves.

I was very flattered to discover that a lot of the bloggers that I met actually knew of When Tara Met Blog. Here are some of their sites, do check them out:
Cupcakes Take the Cake
I'm Not Obsessed! Celebrity Denial
Sense of Soot
Culture Kitchen
Celebrity Baby Blog
Open All Night

The Quest for It
Clothes Pin
The Beauty Newsletter
Second City Style Magazine

My faux pas' during the event:  I never claimed to be any good at holding a martini glass, despite the background image on my blog. So yeah, I let the watermelon mixture from Bacardi slosh over the rim of my glass while I was talking (I'm Italian, we use our hands) and splashed the feet of Pamela at BagTrends and her mother. Classy! My white heels were open toe so things got a little sticky. Next blunder, I told Najwa that I'll have to read her book, when I meant to say watch her podcast. This was towards the end of the brunch and I just met like 20 other people, but I still felt stupid especially after she corrected me. What a ninny. Also, not sure if it could really be called a brunch, it's not like we sat down and ate, but there were appetizers but all vegetable and tofu ones and being the unhealthy person that I am I don't eat veggies so I left the event around 2ish and had to return to work starving and then dive into three back to back meetings.

News: Bloggers Hungry For Online News

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