On the way to the wedding

Sunday, July 23, 2006

One of my freshmen year roommates, Marissa, was married last Saturday up in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. I was gratiously invited despite not having seen her since graduation. My friend Karen went as my date (yeah yeah save the loser comments) and we figured since we’d be passing the Clinton Crossing Outlets and since the ceremony wan’t until 5:30 we would have plenty of time for a quick spree and then off to the wedding. Yet, we didn’t want to wear our dresses out while shopping, so we hung them in the back of the car and figured we’d change at a rest stop along the way. We had to settle for the Exxon gas station’s bathroom just off the exit. We went into the bathroom in shorts and tees and came out in formal attire causing a raised eyebrow from the clerk. Seems simple enough, but it took some balancing on flip flops in order to not touch the dirty floor and holding our breath due to the smell. We then did our makeup in the car and were off again.


We arrived at 5:29. Since we were just cutting in under the wire we had to sit on the groom’s side since those were the only seats available without being right up in front. Luckily our late appearance didn’t interfere with anything since there were a few other straglers wandering in and the wedding party was running a bit late to boot.


The wedding was very lovely and the only ceremony that had me laughing during it but in a good way. The vows started off normal, they were repeating the justice of the peaces’ lead, in sickness and health, love and cherish, etc. Then Marissa vowed to not to gloat when the Yankees beat the Red Sox and to not pester about his amps and guitars filling up their home and that she’ll allow the Xbox360 to be the other woman in his life. The groom then went through his vows and added that he promised not to gloat when the Red Sox beat the Yankees (as if!) to let Mia (their cat) be the only woman to sleep between them and to eat whatever she cooks despite the taste and...shoot their was another funny one. Anyway, it made their marriage more light hearted and less stern like some ceremonies can be and it just seemed more of a joining of friends and lovers than this big HUGE thing that is the M Word. She also didn’t throw her bouquet or garter and force her single friends out onto the dance floor for those rituals, phew.  


Their invitations had embossed clam shells on them and that theme was then carried out to their placement cards and wedding cake. Here’s a shot of the cake and one of me and the bride:


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Congratulations again Marissa and John a.k.a. Mr. & Mrs. Simmas

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