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Monday, May 8, 2006

I'm getting hooded today, in the non white supremacist sense, but the higher education way. Despite finishing up the journalism master's program at NYU back in December, I officially graduate and walk today. So I'm taking a half day off from work and participating in the ceremony with my classmates and family present.

For a master's degree apparently you get hooded with a special master's hood. My robes are purple like NYU's colors, which I'm inordinately delighted by. My past robes were white for high school and black for my undergraduate degree at Wheaton College. The robes cost $62 just to rent them for a day, do you believe it? I don't even get to keep them for that price, talk about a rip off. The ceremonial robe business is worse than the funeral biz for raking in money.

Anyway, I wasn't really excited about going through the process of graduating since it's been a few months since I had to do any work for my degree although it thankfully seems longer. But now as the date gets closer I'm getting excited. For all the students graduating from New York University's Graduate School Of Arts and Sciences (that includes the J-School) convocation is being held at Lincoln Center. It coincides with the nutty David Blaine's last day in the water bubble right next door. I see the appeal of the stunt of holding his breath but why did he have to be in the water for 7 days? We are human beings we aren't meant to be in the water for that long, we're not aquatic. Crazy!

I was looking at my notebook that I used for several of my night classes and I have two things written on the inside of my class notebook for motivation one is from my horoscope the other is from my professor, can you guess which is which? lol:

"Also, think back a few years ago to the dreams and plans you made, and give yourself a pat on the back for coming so far so quickly."

"Better NEVER than late."

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