Tribeca Closing Night-- Poseidon

Saturday, May 6, 2006

For the Tribeca Film Festival's last day, it concluded with the premiere of the upcoming thriller and remake by Wolfgang Petersen (Troy, Neverending Story) Poseidon starring Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, Josh Lucas & many more.

This was by far the largest media turn out I've seen yet during the festival, the red carpet line was extended and nearly doubled in size. By the time the actors got to me I was warned I could only ask one question and unfortunately all Kurt Russell could do was smile and say "Hi" to me and keep going. The big shocker among the media was that Goldie Hawn wasn't there with him, maybe recent trouble in paradise rumors are true? Hope not. I did get to briefly interview the other attending stars besides Kurt though and take some more red carpet clips (see below).

First to arrive was actor Andre Braugher of Thief, Glory and City of Angels who carried himself with such sophistication, as he does on screen as well. In the film he plays the unfortunate Captain of the luxury liner. I had asked him if it was hard making a film with so many special effects. He responded that the special effects aren't the hard part. "The hardest part is the emotional content, the emotional despair that the character have to go through," he said adding with a nod that "But I think we pulled it off."

Then came 19-year-old Emmy Rossum from Phantom of the Opera, wearing an elegant red Ralph Lauren dress and a sweet smile. I had asked her if before accepting the role in the film if she had ever seen the original 1972 film The Poseidon Adventure, which the new Poseidon is based on. She admitted that she had never seen it and still hasn't, but that Poseidon "is not a remake but more of a rein-visioning" (Pretty solid PR messaging there!). I also talked to her about being from NY and how she was happy to be at the festival and got it all on film... even when her costar Josh Lucus came by and goosed her.

Next to make it way down the line to me was Mia Maestro, who I was most looking forward to seeing since she stars on Alias. She looked beautiful in a black Audrey Hepburn like dress. While speaking with her I said she is no stranger to doing action scenes due to Alias but I asked her if it was hard pretending to be on a flipped over cruise ship. She replied in the affirmative saying it was a completely different action, fun but challenging. I then dropped the film and moved to what I was most interested in--Alias. Although it's not as great as it was two years ago, the series finale is coming up and I asked if she had any information she could share about the shows end. She laughed and said "I can't!" She did throw me a bone by saying "A lot of the old characters are back." I didn't let it go by saying I just saw you wake up in the last week's episode and she said, "I'm dead, yeah but I'll be dead but present." Hmmm, I now have visions of Yoda and Obi Wan like appearings happening on Alias.

Maistro's costar Victor Garber was there as well, but quickly walked by since he's not really in the film. I did find it funny that he also appeared in a sinking ship film as well--Titanic. Joan Allen (super skinny) and Hayden Panettiere (who I liked in the Lifetime Christmas film If You Believe) also were guests at the premiere.

I briefly spoke with the director Wolfgang Petersen too, who said how he was very glad to have his film at the festival for closing night and how he previously spoke with DeNiro years ago about having Troy premiere there too, but it didn't work out.

Sadly all good things must come to and end and like the film festival so does my red carpet coverage. I'll be posting my review of Posedion, which opens on May 12, on Film School Rejects' site shortly, since I was able to get into the auditorium after the press line broke up this time.

For two more videos that I took including a shot of Kurt Russell and an Interview with Mia click here. Enjoy!

PS: Earlier that morning I did the Revelon 5K for Women's Cancer's with my office. I jogged 3.1 miles in 40 minutes, which is pretty good for me. My friend K did it in 36 mins.

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