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Monday, May 8, 2006

Yes, my blog is quickly becoming a vlog lately, but now that Tribeca is wrapped and no other graduations in sight, there will be more normal text posts to come, but first one more clip. Here is the video my Stepdad captured of my convocation ceremony today. It's like being there but without sitting through the 1,000 other recipients, bag pipers and the boring speeches. Although the GSAS Dean said a nice speech and even poked fun of David Blaine.

Meanwhile outside Lincoln Center and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences graduation ceremony, the lines of people watching David Blaine were ridiculous. I got a great view of him inside the water bubble from the balcony before lining up for my walk to the stage. Crazy stuff. Former coworker, PJ, was among the crowd since he came up with a funny related story to do for GearLog.

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