When there's smoke...

I woke up to the sound of helicopters. I kept waiting for them to fly away but they stayed and hovered. I figured they must be doing a traffic report or something. But as I walked a few blocks to the subway, smoke was everywhere and down the road near Chelsea were tons of firetrucks and more smoke.

It burned my eyes, I could barely see as I made my way to 14th Street subway. I did manage to spot Julianne Moore again strolling her daughter, same outfit but she had on a baseball cap this time. I only saw her because she literally crossed my path with the stroller.

My hair now smells like I spent the evening at a cozy ski lodge (I wish!) since it smells like a fireplace. I had a few coworkers actually take a sniff, lol.

News stories:
NY Daily News Chelsea Fire Sends Smoke onto nearby Subway Tracks
CBS News Four-Alarm Fire Rips Through Chelsea Garage

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