The New York City Marathon

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Today is the NYC marathon and it's weird not having someone to go cheer on. Two of my friends who were supposed to run both suffered injuries only weeks before hand :( Me, I'm a wimp and wouldn't attempt to try doing it in the first place. In high school I did the required mile in 12 mins--if I was having a good day. I went to the gym instead today, and while on the elliptical machine bopping to Blondie I watched the runners cross the finish line.
When I was younger my mom was dating a man who was running in the Marathon, but what he was looking forward to most wasn't the metal but a photo of himself crossing the finish line for his office desk. So my mom was there at the end, cheering, jumping up and down, snapping photos and grabbing his discarded clothing. A few days later when he got the film back, the pictures revealed the top of his head crossing the finishing line. Ouch! lol

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