Signs that Tara has had too much to drink

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

• I'll drink and dial or drink and TXT people

• Give out my business cards to strangers

• Blurt out that I have a tattoo, or worse yet, showing people my hidden tattoo.

• Will sometimes dance on bars and platforms at clubs, then again I've done that when I'm not drunk too, so strike that.

• Spill drinks while talking wildly with hands, showing off my Italian half.

• Every song that the DJ plays I declare is my favorite song ever.

• My lips get numb so I lick them and move them around a lot, lol.

• Near the end of the night will even do a shot of Jagermeister or tequilla, even though it messes me up further.

• Try to cover up the fact that I'm drunk by using big words, which aren't that impressive like "decor."

• Must eat something greasy!


What are some of your tell tales?

Oh and by the way I own that Don't Drink and Dial tee.

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