Whole Foods Before The Storm

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

It's always an adventure going to Whole Foods supermarket, especially during lunch time or after work when the lines are gynormous despite the 26-manned registers. It reminds me of skiing and the lines you have to stand in while waiting for a ski lift. There's six long lines that filter into one, a couple express lanes for singles and an employee at the end directing people where to go just like at a ski mountain. In the end the bill is almost as expensive as a ski pass too, which is why I don't go often, but the food court that lets people eat the prepared foods they just bought is fun and really nice.
When leaving the store, guess who got suckered into buying a normally $3 umbrella for $7 since it was pouring out? Me, because I stupidly forgot to pack my umbrella today despite the weather reports. The guy didn't even extend his opened umbrella over my head while I scrambled for the bills. So, I ended up soaked anyway. The faux fur on my jean coat looked like a wet cat and my cords got dark and dirty on the bottoms as I walked home. At least I had bought some soup to warm me up.
News: Now I don't have to feel too guilty about eating Magnolia cupcakes or making homeade Mac and Cheese. Comfort Foods Switch Off Stress, Scientists Find

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