My Halloween

For Halloween our office dressed up, there were Harry Potters (yes, plural) a Dr. Evil and more. I went as a Lady Maverick, IE Jodie Foster in Maverick. For extra accessories I stapled a deck of cards together, revealing a hand with a straight. Also put a King in my guarder belt. Yes, it was interesting riding the subway that morning. I thought there would be more people in costume on their way to work, but no. Luckily I didn't have my feather cap on until I got to the office. But it was worth it since I came in second place in our costume competition. I lost to Jamie who was a pregnant Britney Spears, which as you can see was pretty creative and funny.

That evening I helped host the live TED-TV coverage of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade again. However, unlike last year where I marched in the crazy parade and interviewed the different people in costume, this time I had two other co-hosts and a script. The script called for one of the hosts to mysteriously disappear so we could act out a murder mystery within the spooky parade. It was a lot of fun but a lot of walking. I'm interested to see it all edited together, hopefully my "acting" is not embarrassing. It airs Nov. 13 on Manhattan Cable TV at 7:30 p.m. channel 56 with Time Warner and ch. 108/111 on RCN.

DVD Review: My latest review of one of my favorite TV shows is up at DVD Fanatic, Alias, Season Four. Thank you Drea for your input and Alias expertise.

PS: I saw Julianne Moore in a black jump suit strolling her daughter in the West Village area. She had sunglasses on but her porcelain skin and bright red hair gave her away. She was speaking to a couple and their little girl.

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