Blog Readers Up 45%

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

One-sixth of the total U.S. population read weblogs in the first quarter, according to a report found in Red Herring.

U.S. blog readership in the first quarter jumped 45 percent to 49.5 million people, suggesting the blogosphere is becoming increasingly alluring to online advertisers.

Last week, Technorati announced that it had measured 14.2 million blogs, 55 percent of them active (read more)

Update: Critically ill woman gets liver phew!
I posted about her need for a new liver, and luckily the Manhattan publicist Shari Kurzrok got a lifesaving liver transplant over the weekend - but not through the frantic, controversial media blitz her friends and family launched. You can view the entire article HERE

New Blog: My coworker just started his own blog, Waxing the Sasquatch He always sends out fun links and news to everyone at work, so I'm sure it will be entertaining.

iPod Your Baby

(I want to get this for my little cousin).

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