Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I often feel the need to write snide or snarky comments underneath badly written or just plain corny signs. Today on the subway I spotted an ad for American Apparel that reads "All clothes should be unisex." Unfortunately there were too many witnesses, because I had the urge to write underneath the slogan, bras and thongs too?

At night when waiting for my graduate courses to start I have in the past scribbled on several stupid flyers in the journalism building. I don't mean to be mean to the people who designed these notices, but some are so stupid or grammatically incorrect that I cannot help myself. I'm not the only one either, several people commented on the "need a writing tutor?" sign for being placed in the journalism building in the first place.

Years ago in Connecticut the Mobile gas station near my mother's home had a double wooden sign outside by the pumps declaring "Sell Roses" with a colored rose decal on it. I know they were trying to say that they sell roses inside, thus a "we" would need to be included, so it would read We Sell Roses. Otherwise it looks like it is telling the commuters going by that they should in fact be selling roses. Whenever, I would pass by I'd shake my head at the declaration, Sell Roses, and would say to myself, 'OK let me drop out of college and do that,' lol. The sign appeared outside for about a year too.

There was also an M&M sign near Wendy's that used "You're" instead of "Your." I mean these things had to be printed and approved by several people and then put up, did nobody catch that? Some screening process.

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