Have you ever noticed?

Thursday, August 4, 2005

that none of the movie voice overs during the coming attractions are female? It's only those few guy voices, saying something like "First there was this or that and now this fall ..." I have never heard a female do one of those hyped up previews not even for the romantic comedies. It just dawned on me though while watching the Sneak Peaks on one of my DVDs, which annoy me when you sometimes can't even skip them. On video tapes you could at least do that.

It looks like I'll be adding another TV show DVD set to my collection . I think Jane Curtain and John Lithgow are such great comedians, especially together in 3rd Rock from the Sun. Although it annoyed my dad that the aliens did not have any special powers. Click on the image for the official site with special features. I also recently found out that someone is getting me Fraggle Rock on DVD too, yay! That was like the only kids show that I enjoyed growing up, before going right to sitcoms.

Speaking of DVDs my first review as a staff writer at DVDFanatic.com is up! I was sent The Muppet's Wizard of Oz DVD so check out my online review

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