The new guy in Sex and the City

Back at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party last month, I got to speak with actor Max Ryan, who will be playing "Rikard," Samantha's latest love interest in the new Sex and the City 2 movie coming out on May 28.

Although I didn't recognize him from other movies, I liked his style coming down the media line as well as his fashionable leather jacket paired with a black turtleneck. When I heard he was going to be in the latest Sex and the City movie I immediately waved him over and was soon captivated by his sexy smile, English accent and light green, hazel colored eyes.

The 43-year-old actor is a little bit older than Samantha's previous guy, Smith (Jason Lewis) who is 39, but obviously still young compared to the 54-year-old actress. You go girl! Obviously the request from Sex and the City fans for Samantha to move on to another new hunk didn't fall on deaf ears.

I asked him about how it was being a guy on the set with so many females around and he said, "It's good to be a guy (laughs). It's pretty something else I have to be honest with you. It's a pretty unique situation to be in, thrust into the delves of these very beautiful women that are extremely powerful."

Although Max wasn't allowed to talk much about his role in the upcoming movie, he did say his character was from Europe, is an architect and as already mentioned, plays Samantha's love interest.

There was some down time on the press line, so I also asked to take a photo with him:

Other celebs expected to make appearances in the sequel include Miley Cyrus, Liza Minnelli, and Penélope Cruz, not sure of their roles though. Oh, and Aiden (John Corbett) is back, but I've always been a Mr. Big fan.
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