Pass a Gallon of Milk with Jennifer Hudson, Angie Harmon, Rebecca Romijn & me?

Back in January, I had attended a got milk? ad unveiling with Rebecca Romijn, and while I was at the event they had filmed me and other bloggers in front of green screen passing a bottle of milk for their new campaign. Little did I know we'd be included in a final video with stars like Rebecca, Jennifer Hudson, Angie Harmon and Shawn Johnson.

The video spreads awareness for the Great Gallon Give, which will give away hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk the equivalent of more than three million servings to help raise awareness of the important role milk plays in building strong families. For every virtual gallon passed on Facebook, $1 will go to Feeding America, up to $100,000 at, so get passing!

I stick out like a sore thumb as I'm a bit stiff in it, but it's still pretty cool:


  1. :) Awesome! So is it just the two or three unnamed on there and then all these famous folks?

  2. oops. i didn't watch it correctly! :P what a great cause though.

  3. um tara that is awesome. you're basically a celebrity now :)

  4. You are so cool! So want to be Tarametblog when I grow up. ; )


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