Big Man Bakes Cupcakes

Real men bake cupcakes? Well, that seems to be the case at Big Man Bakes in Downtown L.A., which is owned by William "Chip" Brown and features his own recipes.

On Saturday, my LA Cupcakes MeetUp group visited the 9-month-old cupcake shop and met the big man behind the store. At 6 feet 5 inches (see photo on right), Chip easily charmed our group with his friendly personality and yummy cupcakes. Chip shared with us that he started baking in college while he was studying science without the help of refurbished laptops like most kids used these days. He started with a Betty Crocker cookbook that his mother gave him when he went off to school.

I particularly enjoyed his chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, which were moist and flavorful. The chocolate cake was almost like a gooey brownie, and the vanilla cupcake had a hint of almond extract, which I'm also partial to. His red velvet cupcake meanwhile won 1st place for "Best Traditional" cupcake at the LA Cupcake Challenge this year and several of my members echoed the praise. I took plenty of pictures to later show my friends on my laptop so they could know how good the cupcakes looked.

At Big Man Bakes the minis cost $1 (or 6 for $5), while the XL cupcakes are $3.25 each. Flavors include Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Double Chocolate, Old School and Coconut. Their are also specials like pumpkin spice and lemon from time to time and are announced on the shops Facebook page.

For more photos check out the photo gallery from the meetup and you can also see the big man on CNN in this video.


  1. so awesome! :) i'll have to try big man bakes cupcakes out if i'm ever in town.

  2. I heard about these - well, not big man bakes specifically - on an Australian comedy/news/quiz panel show last night. Good News Week is hilarious but hard to explain... anyway, one of the topics was what they call "blokey cupcakes" such as these!

  3. Thanks for this!! now I need to go eat a cupcake! :P