April 16, 2008

Party with Omarosa

On Sunday night at BOULEVARD 3, we attended the 35th birthday of Claudia Jordan, best known for being a Barker beauty on Price is Right and currently is suitcase #1 on Deal or No Deal. Eddie Murphy was supposed to attend along with some other stars/models, however I never saw the Nutty Professor, but I did see and took some photos of Apprentice bad girl Omarosa. She was looking really good actually, but her boobs were way out in the open though. I don't remember her always being that big? But as the show's theme song sings "Money Money Money!" Personally, I was rooting for my girl Marilu Henner (met her years ago at the stage door of the traveling production of Annie Get Your Gun) to win Celebrity Apprentice.

Everyone was in cocktail attire, which consisted of cool looking blazers on the men and way too short and skimpy dresses for the ladies. Although the guys there told me there was no such thing, lol. I can't really talk since my girls were out to say hi too.

The outside foray had cool fireplaces with water surrounding them and inside the nightclub was a really spacious two level room with white walls and blacklight lighting. Sexy female dancers were on the elevated dance floor providing a show for the surrounding guys. The party was thrown by Jin & Quinn, the Quinn being Alex Quinn the son of late academy-award winning actor Anthony Quinn.

Hollywire.com also reports: Deal or No Deal’s Claudia Jordan turns 35


  1. Before I read your post, I was distracted immediately by her huge jugs! I don't remember them being "that out there" either!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yeah, I heard she got her boobs done after her first appearance on the Apprentice. I guess when she was offered a slot on Celebrity Apprentice (and let's face it, she is not a real celebrity), she felt she had to look her best. Big boobs must mean you've hit it big.

  4. When are you going to post a picture of your girls? ;)

  5. I heart Blvd 3. I've only been there once and it was so fun.

    And Omarosa, wow. Her boobs are a little crazy, as is she, haha.

  6. I want to donkeypunch Omarosa. But it does sound like a fun party.


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