Heat wave

My Mother and the heat came into town this weekend.

L.A. experienced record temperatures this weekend and boy was it hot. Since we live on the west side near the water, our condo does not have air condition and our fans were not cutting it. So we headed to the beach on Saturday. Below are some resulting photos of my mom and the heat:

In order to escape the heat on Sunday though, we headed to the Beverly Center mall for some free AC, Jamba Juice and shopping. Changes in the weather means I need to start preparing for the annual wardrobe seasonal switch, right? So poor Raphael became "my elephant" (I stole the term from the short story Just Curious by Jude Deveraux) holding onto all my clothes and sitting tiredly outside the dressing rooms. He was also nursing a hangover, which didn't help matters. He was more than a good sport though, even let me take this degrading photo of him in all his misery:


  1. wasn't this weekend crazy? can you believe we'll be about 20 degrees cooler tomorroe/Tuesday? Insane that it would bounce around so much. You were smart to escape to the beach, that's for sure.

    PS - I tried to email back to your last two comments and they both bounced back. Just thought you might want to know in case you're missing something important to that account.

  2. Elephant time. Ha! Love that story.

    I wish we could have some of that heat (w/o humidity). Granted it's sunny here, but still in the 50s. Missing that warm CA weather.

  3. Poor Rafe! In my house he would be called the pack mule. LOL

  4. Oops, that was me. :)


  5. No A/C? Umm...I think that's illegal here in New Orleans. :P

    I agree with SL, poor Rafe, lol.

  6. What gorgeous weather!!! I'd be an elephant any day for some Jamba Juice and sunshine :)

  7. Nice looking Mom.