BabyCakes Baking Company

My LA Cupcakes MeetUp group headed out to Torrance today to visit BabyCakes Baking Company. This cupcakery came recommended by one of our members that live near the shop and it was a great choice. A bit far out out for some, but the only cupcake shop in the south bay.

At BabyCakes Baking Company everything is made from scratch daily using all-natural ingredients and you can tell just by looking at how organic and homemade their cupcakes look, not artificially colored either. Almost like muffins with a slight glistening of icing on top. They also make sugar-free and gluten free cupcakes every Wednesday and Saturday to accommodate special dietary needs.

In addition to their everyday flavors, they offer up to four to five daily specials. All of their flavors are available in mini size BabyCakes as well. They also bake a variety of yummy cookies, brownies and other goodies and people love their gourmet Italian coffee (I stuck to skim milk though).

The owner's name is Khryste Langlais and she opened her shop up only four months ago with the help of her husband who works there on Saturdays too. Note that they are closed on Sundays. Khryste says she started baking when she was only twelve and hasn't had professional training, just a home baker with some inventive recipes.

My favorites were her German Chocolate Cupcake that was so rich I couldn't finish it, plus her tart and sweet Zesty Lemon cupcakes and her light Strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberry butter cream that was super light and fluffy that I had to order it just seeing how whipped it looked behind the glass. Other interesting flavors included the Apple Streusel with real apples inside, the dark vanilla bean cupcake and the Italian Orange made with corn meal, olive oil, white wine and a fresh orange zest but no icing. Really unique and not too sweet, I really enjoyed these cupcakes. One member commented that she liked how the shop seemed to be aimed for adults instead of children. I'd definitely come back to try their other specials.

The shop itself was simple with old family photographs on the wall and pink and white stripes painted vertically.


  1. Oh looks tasty! Can't wait to go to the next one :)

  2. yeah I saw that you RSVP'd looking forward to meeting another LA blogger :)