April 21, 2008

Mother's Day Giveaway

Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 11th!) and below are some of my favorite simple and fun gift ideas from GiveSimple.com.

For the Working Mom...Stylish Florence file folders $14.00 or Venezia Memento Boxed Note Cards $15.00:
For something a bit luxurious there is this cozy Pine Cone Hill Robe in Peony $70 (free shipping):

For the fun loving mom there's a watermelon colored Peace Love Mom t-shirt for $38 (My girl Marilu Henner is apparently one of the celeb mommy fans of Peace Love Mom):

And how cute are these Polka Dot and Stripe Tea Towels $12.00 and Salad Servers $15.00?

Oh and here's something a bit more extravagant but it's too cute. I want this French Picnic Set too! $140:
French Bull Picnic Set
Now for the giveaway...the site is letting me raffle off their decorative file folders above, which I have a set of myself and their Murval Brown Patent Handbag for a total giveaway value of $44.00. In order to win, just post a comment here mentioning your favorite item from the GiveSimple site, one I didn't already feature as one of my picks. I'll then randomly select a winner on the evening of April 27th. No, you don't have to be a mom to enter, heck you can be a dude looking to give your mother or girl something nice, whatever. Good luck and please leave your email address if I don't already know how to contact you.

All of you though can receive 10% off your total purchases on the site when you enter the GiveSimple coupon code--TARAMETBLOG--good until May 7th.


  1. I just love those polka dot tea towels. I really think that tea towels are my new addiction ;-)

    Since I needed something else to covet, and I'm getting ready to travel to Ireland in November, I've got my eye on the Rings Passport Wallet.

  2. I have to say I adore the Green Italian Melamine Pottery. Its so fun and funky! I think this is my new favorite site.

  3. Ooo my fav is the pearl and rosebud necklace, as I'm searching out bridesmaid gifts currently :)

  4. I love the monogram necklace:



  5. I pretty much die and go to heaven every time i have tea forte teas...these were some of the first "high class" tea varieties I ever tried - and ever since I've had a hard time settling on average ol' basic tea at restaurants.

  6. Oh what a fun contest!

    I really like the Turquoise and flower necklace, it's so cute!

  7. Since I am getting married this summer I am feeling very nostagic and love the polka dot apron (Donna Reed for the modern girl!) But then again I love the Multi Dot Tote and Travel Accessories and Murval Summer City Totes (my future hubby thinks I already have enough bags, but when can a girl really have enough bags?!)

  8. I love the queen of fun necklace... it's adorable.

    I also LOVE those spoons you posted... I think my mom may be getting those for mothers day.

  9. This is fun!
    I love all the different funky tableware designs... I know I'm a total kitchen geek :0)

  10. WOW! Great site and best of all they deliver to CANADA!!! I love finding sites where I can actually shop for unique items. Thanks.

  11. I love the site! I like the flower handbag when you first arrive at the site, but I really love the pink/brown travel bag. I may have to buy it. Happy Mother's Day to me! :)

    Thanks, Tara! I'm going to go check out the rest of the site now...

    ~ april

  12. So many wonderful things, it's hard to choose a favorite. I love the crystal decanting pitcher. Hmm, may have to get one for myself.

    A few moms I know would love some of the spa items or the travel totes. I think my mom would adore the Murval Brown and Pink one. *off to buy mom's day items*

  13. I adore the Florence File Folders. I like to be organized, but it isn't always fun. Instead of staying organized, which requires devotion, I would rather sit at my computer and write romance novels. I have notes everywhere for 'what pertains to her', 'what pertains to him' and 'what pertains to the other characters.' If I had those fancy Florence File Folders I'd be more inclined to want to stay organized. I would look forward to being organized, and my romance novels might get published because I was organized! Thanks, Tara, for sharing.
    Nicki's Aunt, Lisa

  14. i love the spoons. They cheer me up and I think I could use them to feed my baby who is just now learning to eat on his own. I also love the robe since I am an insomniac and could use the comfort on cold nights.

  15. I love the fraiche handmade soaps...mmmm. great giveaway.

  16. my favorite is the tea towels and the salad servers (not sure which i like better). Love how bright and bold the colors are!


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