The Governator

While staffing a pro bono event this morning for the LA Free Clinic I got to see Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and hear him address the crowd.

The LA Free Clinic unveiled its new name, The Saban Free Clinic after celebrating its largest donation in its 40-year history, a $10 million endowment from philanthropists Cheryl Saban PhD and Haim Saban. Turns out Mrs. Saban once turned to the free clinic when she didn't have insurance and needed medical care and now that she's in a position to give back, she is, $10 million dollars worth, wow!

Hearing Arnold up at the podium during the program with his unmistakable voice, I felt like I was on a set of a movie or in a movie. Scenes of Kindergarten Cop, Terminator, Total Recall and Twins fluttered through my brain and I could picture being in the theater with my dad when I first became a fan of the actor. Yet, this was real life, although during his speech, the Governor/Actor dressed in a grayish blue pinstripe suit did revert back to a caricature of himself by restating his popular line "I'll be back!" He's also bulked down a lot and is looking older now, yet still very charismatic and powerful. Take a look:

Also in the crowd was clinic supporter and Will & Grace actor, Sean Hayes. I didn't speak to him but often crossed his path during my runnings around for the press check-in, in fact I did get to say "excuse me" as I dashed in front of him. From a distance I snapped the following photos:


  1. Interesting - Arnold and Just Jack! Good cause, I've actually been to that free clinic when I didn't have insurance. Sure, I waited for hours but eventually was seen by a doctor and for free!

  2. If I ever meet Arnold I'm gonna try to get him to quote "It's not a tumour" from Kindergarten Cop

  3. OMG Meghan I swear I was saying "It's not a tumor!" in my head, lol