April 3, 2008

Head shots

I just got a new company headshot for work. We had a photographer, David Fairchild, come into our offices and take shots of our team. He had me laughing in many of the proofs after asking me to lean in like a cat. I had fun with it and ultimately picked the following photo:

What do you think? There were other shots where I wasn't leaning like that, but I looked too serious or stuffy in those. Previously for new biz pitches and bios, I had been using my journalism looking photo:

Or this one, where I'm doing my best CEO imitation:
I have a fondness for the ones above because I like that they are set in my favorite place in New York City, The Chelsea Market and they do set the scene a bit more. However, they clashed with the more corporate headshots of my peers.


  1. I agree -- the top one is the best. It shows off your pretty face the best and looks most professional. The middle one is way cute, but makes you look sly, like you're up to something (which you probably are, but not always the impression you want to give in business). The last one is a nice photo, but somehow not as nice as the top. A good choice.

  2. Beautiful! I love the shot. Although I will always like the one with the newspaper.

  3. Oh I love the first shot, the lean brings some pizazz to it :)

  4. Love the photographs! I'm partial to the last I have to say.

  5. I LOVE the one on the brick wall!!

  6. You know I love the power shot. :) You look like you're ready to conquer the world.


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