Lucky Strike

A couple of weeks ago my colleagues and I went to Lucky Strike bowling lanes in Hollywood. I had been to the one in New York before and drove by the one in Vegas. The fun thing about Lucky Strike is that it's fashioned to look more like a bar/lounge with a waitstaff, dark lighting, bouncer, hostess, etc., so definitely not the typical bowling alley feel.

The Lucky Strike in Hollywood only had a few lanes and our group split in to two teams of four, Fierce vs. Fabulous. I was both, meaning I played a game with each team, but yeah I am fierce and fabulous too ;) I bowled two strikes and a few spares to make me the high scorer, being the competitive girl that I am, I was happy. Here are some funny pictures of us:
Oh and there was a photobooth which we then turned into a clown car:


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! I really want to go there soon, maybe for my birthday...ooooh I'm inspired now, thank you Tara :)

  2. What about 'flawless?'

    I had wondered what the inside of that establishment looked like since construction of that entire mall was completed. Now, I know. Living vicariously through is fun, and affordable!

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