Time doesn't heal all wounds

I wish all cars were made out of brick or something durable that if you did nick it or dent it, no one would know that you indeed suck at driving and stupidly scratched your car up against a garage pole during the first month of leasing it.

The accident happened a year ago, but now that my lease will be ending late this year, I finally have to do something about the scratch and dent. Although I might buy the car at the end of the lease and am fine with the daily reminder of my blunder, I guess I have to get it fixed some time. I also have other tiny scratches here and there that continually deflate my driving confidence.

Anyway, I plan to get some estimates soon and hope I don’t have any frame damage to my car that will cause the shop to take off the panel and weld it back. According to CarMax if a car has any frame damage they won’t sell it on their lot, thus depreciating the value of your car if you chose to sell it to them. We had went to CarMax over the weekend, since Raphael was interested in selling his car, but we balked at the low offer that they gave us for an extremely well kept, 2005 37k mile convertible. Way below blue book value, however they told us Kelley Blue Book is pretty useless now a-days since they are in cahoots with the car manufacturers and their figures are only updated monthly, when a cars value can change weekly. It also turned out that Raphael’s car had been in an accident from the previous owner, one that was unrecognizable to the naked eye and one that he had no idea about. But according to the CarMax inspector they spotted a difference in the pain job on the inside of the door, proving to them that that frame of the car had been repaired and remodeled by someone outside the car manufacturer.

All this talk of taking care of your car as an investment had me scared that I was messing up my investment and feared I wouldn’t be able to stop it. Sure I give my car the expensive synthetic oil that it requires every 5,000 miles and had taken it to the dealership when I noticed squeaky breaks and a sticky button (yes, those are the highly technical adjectives I told the mechanics to describe the problems, much to their dismay), but my careless driving and nicks might prove to be the killer of my investment. *sigh*

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