Kiss and Tell

I love holidays and I know people consider Valentine's Day a commercial Hallmark holiday, but I've always been a fan, despite the fact that last year was my first Valentine's day that I wasn't single. I just like the red and pink decorations and giving cards to my family and friends.

Of course I'm such a dork that today I'm wearing a Valentine's Day pin, on top of a pink shirt with a heart on it. Come St. Patrick's Day you can bet I'll be wearing green too.

Tonight, since Raphael and I just went out yesterday for our anniversary we are eating in, baking cupcakes and watching a romance flick. Can't wait.

On this heart's day though, be sure and send your girlfriends and/or loved ones an e-kiss and help women with heart disease. For each e-card sent, Clos du Bois wines (my mother and I are fans of their Chardonay) will donate $1 to WomenHeart. While on the site,, you can also share your best kiss story and win a trip to Paris. Good luck!

Also, a new beta site just launched, and it's a new kind of love and romance site -- where all the advice comes from the crowd. The other day, I spent a little too much time answering people's questions and polls, but it was interesting to hear what guys wanted advice on and vice versa. I also like the design and it's easy to just jump right in.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!