Ring in the Bling

I find myself looking down at the engagement ring newly on my ring finger and going, "oh right I’m in engaged!" I guess you can say I’m still getting used to it and as a result, I’ll often stare at my bling in wonder. Luckily only my baby has caught me staring at it. However, I forgot to put it on this weekend when heading to Starbucks and felt bad about it. I also keep getting it caught on my clothes and stabbing Raphael with it by accident when reaching out for a hug. Figuring I can’t be the only woman to go through this, I’ve asked some of my married friends how long it took them to get used to their rocks and to share funny anecdotes.

My old coworker said in the beginning she’d look at her ring all the time when typing at work and almost got in an accident when it caught her eye while driving, lol.

My middle and high school friend Anjali Desai, now Anjali Shah says, “I have a wedding band along with the engagement ring now and I still catch myself staring at it because it reminds me of the time it was given to me. The only thing I’m embarrassed about is that I’ve always been very reckless with my hands; I’ve banged my ring into things (doors, tables, getting caught in my clothes) scratched my face up (not to mention Milind’s face) unfortunately that is a habit I haven’t shaken off to this day! But I’m trying to get better at it!!”

My best friend, Divina, who is now on her 2nd year of marriage writes: “My wedding ring has become apart of my body and soul. I feel almost naked when I don't have it on. I love looking at it because I think my ring is the most beautiful ring ever (I know I am baised) Ha. Joking aside it’s a symbol of the love Eddy and I have for each other so no surprises here. I forget to put it back on when I do the dishes, take a shower etc. Then I feel like I am missing something look down and don't see my ring. A little panic sets in and I have to retrace my steps. When we first got engaged I would scratch myself all the time. Even now I rip stockings or get it caught on delicate materials.”

Forget about getting your ring caught on merely clothes though, my friend Nicki from college wrote back to me with her story and I gasped out loud while reading it. "My pretty engagement ring mostly affected my nose ring. I used to leave it on all the time, even when I was sleeping or taking a shower. So when I was washing my face in the shower, it hooked on my nose ring and ripped it out of its hole---ouch!" The things you can still learn about your friends. She then went on to write: "Once I forgot to wear my ring when I was going out to dinner with my inlaws. I felt so empty without it on my finger. I actually kept my left hand under the table so no one would see me without it. I felt as if I did something wrong by not remembering to put it on."

The other night at 80s Night over at V Lounge in Santa Monica, I noticed random guys start to flirt with me and then glance down at my ring and stop immediately. It’s kind of funny. Like my ruby contains cock-blocking kryptonite! Sucks that men don’t wear engagement bands too, not fair! Although, I'm glad we don't have the pressure that they have when it comes to picking out just the right ring for their future wives.

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