I've moved

Don't worry I'm not heading off to live in London (again) and sorry I'm not moving back to New York (yet). I meant that When Tara Met Blog has moved, which you've probably already noticed given the new design and look.

I've been frustrated with my old blog host Tripod for sometime now. It was very limiting in what it would let me do and I took it as far as I could. The only reason why I didn't move my blog sooner is that it meant physically moving 483 posts since 2004. Raphael's company Starting Gate Solutions hired some data entry guys in Pakistan for me though who moved and post dated all my entries. They also moved my last two months worth of comments (all but the last three posts, so do feel free to repost any of your comments), but sadly the comments for my older posts will be remaining on my old blog. *sigh*

Zoe over at Chic & Sassy designed my new template. I gave her a lot of specifics yet still managed to do it all and have me up and running in a few days. What do you think?
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