Daydream believer

Below are the fantasies that were contemplated yesterday while on my gym's elliptical machine, listening to my iPod and watching the Forbes 100 list soundlessly being presented on the E! channel via the flat screen in front of me.

  • I spent a good five minutes thinking about what song I would sing if I was on American Idol, oh and dreaming that I could sing in the first place. I think I could handle Simon's criticism too.

  • Then as pictures of Jennifer Aniston appeared, I thought: she’s so pretty, I wish more people said that I looked like her (as it were only my Nanny has said that, lol)

  • After seeing George Clooney’s Italian villa, I pictured running into him on an impromptu vacation to Italy *sigh*

  • I realized that I would be a hungry little person (5’2) if I was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and I’d probably get in a fight with Ms. Thing Tyra. Thoughts of how I’d corrupt the show and finalists then filtered through my mind. I also pictured my friend who actually is a model being on the show.

  • Finally I wondered if had to pick between the music of The Rolling Stones and the Beatles, which would I pick. The decision is still out, but leaning towards the Beatles since they have more hits, but I do love Can't Get No Satisfaction and Paint It Black.

    1. Funny! The only thing that I think of as I am grunting in pain on the treadmill is..."hamster on the machine, hamster on the machine, hamster on the machine...". Usually my muscles are groaning with lactic acid fatigue that coherent thought is pretty much not an option! So 'yay' for your ability to transport yourself someplace fun.

    2. When I'm on the treadmill, I picture myself two sizes smaller. Positive visualization.

    3. You can't have George or his villa. They're mine mine MINE! Feel free to stalk any other celebrity, though. I believe Gary Busey is available.