6 Tips for Your Next Travel Adventure

Between now and the end of the year, millions of people are going to be jetting off on their first travel adventures for several years. The pandemic era meant that hopping on a plane and booking a hotel was essentially impossible – but not anymore. Thankfully, life is back to normal, which means you can travel pretty much anywhere you like.

So, whether you’re planning on touring different spots in Europe or have booked a 2-week stay somewhere in Asia, perhaps to Surat Thani, a rural province in southern Thailand, then here are six tips that will make sure your next travel adventure is one to remember!

1. Download All the Apps and Games You Need Before You Leave

While you’re out seeing what the world has to offer, your smartphone will be your number one companion. This is why you need to ensure that all the apps and games you need are downloaded and installed prior to setting off.


  • When it comes to travel apps, you should ideally have:  
  • A translation app (Google Translate, Translate Now) 
  • A news app for travel updates (BBC News, Apple News) and major events you might need to be aware of. 
  • A lodging app for hotels (Marriott Bonvoy) and rentable homes (Airbnb)

These types of apps will make your life so much easier, ensuring you experience as few problems as possible while traveling. 

For example, if the hotel you booked randomly had a problem that night and had to shut down, you would be able to use Airbnb to find an emergency last-minute place to stay!


Additionally, make sure you have some games either downloaded or bookmarked in your smartphone’s browser. When you’re in the middle of a long road plane journey or simply need a boost of entertainment, games will be there to occupy you. If you don’t know what to play, that is to be expected – there are so many games out there that it can be a little overwhelming to know the best type of game when traveling. 

The best types of games are ones that are designed for mobile and tablets, like casino games. You can find games that work perfectly on your mobile phone and that provide you with hours of entertainment when you are traveling. The great thing about casinos is that they are made even more exciting by the possibility of jackpots. Jackpot games are where the grand prize increases every time a game is played – this is usually a predetermined amount, but it could grow quite large the longer you play and win. When you find specific jackpot games on sites like slots.lv/casino/jackpots, you’ll find that the stakes are increased, and the excitement is raised, making it a popular game option for many.

This is the best way to keep occupied on the road.

Also, word puzzle games are becoming popular again – just look at how popular Wordle has become over the past year.

2. Learn Local Phrases 

Whether you’re heading to France or Spain, it’s recommended that you learn local phrases prior to getting there. Sure, your smartphone can do all the hard work for you, but learning the language yourself will be more rewarding for you. Plus, it shows local people that you’re making an effort, which is more likely to lead to you making new travel friends! Don’t worry: even the most basic phrases (such as “Hello” and “Can you help me find somewhere?”) will come in handy.

3. Keep a Backpack with You 

Backpacks are amazing! They’re small, compact, and allow you to carry all the essentials you need with you, from water bottles to snacks. This is incredibly important when you’re in hot countries with a different climate from what you’re typically used to. Plus, you can also carry other items you might need, from spare clothes to a camera. After all, it’s important to make the most of your holiday snaps and insta shots.

4. Pack Lightly 

Most people (like me!) can’t help but overpack for travel trips – it’s a habit! However, everyone knows that overpacking is never worth it in the end. All it does is make getting around much more difficult than it needs to be, especially when you’re navigating airports. I try to picture which outfit I'll be wearing each day and only take those, so I don't deviate. Less is more. So, with this in mind, try and pack as lightly as possible for your next trip. Remember, you’ll be able to buy lots of new gifts and treasures while you’re out there, meaning there’s no need to take tons of them with you in the first place. 

5. Carry Hygiene Accessories with You 

Right now, many countries and cities have different rules regarding wearing masks and other forms of protective hygiene. Therefore, it’s best to stay on the safe side by carrying the essentials with you (masks, hand sanitizer) so that you don’t accidentally get stuck anywhere. The same goes for a toothbrush and deodorant, but them in the backpack.

6. Don’t Carry too Much Cash with You 

No matter where you travel in the world, it’s usually never a good idea to carry too much cash with you. This is because it can be easily lost or stolen, leading to you experiencing all kinds of problems (especially if that money was going to be used for flights or accommodation). Instead, it’s much better to use your smartphone or bank card to pay for most things. Alternatively, only draw cash out in small amounts when you need it.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of reasons to be excited about your next travel adventure – but make sure you use all of the tips mentioned above! This way, you’ll have a good time while also remaining as safe as possible, which is important in the post-pandemic era of travel. Have fun and happy traveling!

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