Losing Photos In The Feed: How To Make The Most Of The Holiday Snaps You Posted Online

We have all been through that annoying experience of trying to find that one photo from a holiday that we actually liked, only for us to scroll through our feed for hours on end to no avail. Well, luckily, there are a few tactics you can employ that can help you avoid this troublesome headache in the future.

See below for a few different ways you can make sure you can find any photos that are of importance at just a moment's notice, as well as discussing why putting your photos online is not the best method of saving them.

Bring Them Into The Real-World

There is only so much you can do with an online photo. Sure, you can download and save a photo all you want, but there are just so many factors that can go wrong in the digital world that it will make little to no difference. 

Corrupted files, performance issues, old technology (CD disc/USB drives), photo sites closing down - the list goes on. At a certain point, you just have to look for other alternatives to keep those perfect holiday photos safe. 

Trillions of photos will remain in their digital form and will most likely never see themselves printed as it was a decade or two ago. Well, luckily, there is a solution. The Instagram photo book is a piece of technology that allows you to send your photos to a company that can bring photos from social media – uploaded easily and with intention – into the real world. 

Not only does this give you a much better way to keep track of all your photos and keep them safe, but it also allows you to have a much more personal experience with said photos - the ability for physical photos to take us to the exact time the picture was taken is akin to nothing else.

This is one of the few ways you can actually bring your photos to the real world without just simply printing them off (which you would have to do individually and at a much lower quality), and it is easily one of the best methods to get the most out of your holiday photos.

Store Your Photos In A Separate Folder 

If a photobook doesn't sound like your thing, then don't worry. Simply downloading all of your photos from social media can be an excellent way to keep everything together, and the classic “holiday photos” folder can be seen on PCs all across the world.

There are a ton of tips for organizing holiday photos out there that can make this method a viable option, and if you are someone who prefers having all of your photos stored on the cloud, then this would be an amazing way to go.

So, do you think you will be a little more careful when it comes to the organization of photos from now on? If so, you would be making an incredibly smart decision.

The importance of photos cannot be stated enough - they allow us to get a glimpse at some of our happiest moments. Protecting them at all costs is vital, and there is no doubt that you will thank yourself later.

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